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I never received a tour. First, Frank never gave me an exact location to meet for the tour. When I was supposedly 400 feet from his farm entrance (@ 11:56AM), he said he would pick me up. Since I have a 4x4 (a must for the tour) I was confused when he said he would pick me up. He called me at 12:15 after knowing my location said he would pick me up very soon. My wife and I waited with our 5 year old and two year another 14 mins. At 12:29, I decide to get my kids some food at Cook’s Corner (grilled cheese and fries, their favorite). Of course, as I am waiting for my food at 12:34 Frank calls and asks me where I am currently (I already gave him my location) The food arrived at 12:42. At that point in time, apparently, it was too late the tour needed to start. It’s a shame bc my kids love the outdoors, but the pin location, timeliness, and communication was terrible. My goal is to always promote local businesses, but, in this case I cannot. Stick to cattle, not tours.

Kelly McCaslin
Ranch tour

I went with my fiancé & we had such a great time. We got to see the horses & learned about the cattle. It was fun seeing them herd the cattle in. It was very informative & love seeing them even more when I drive by this beautiful property. Definitely recommend this tour.

Epic views and a great learning experience

You won't regret coming and checking out the ranch with Frank! He shows you the whole ranch and how the cows live. He answers any questions and overall it is just a fun time. Perfect for kids or adults!!!

Highly enjoyable!

I loved the tour. It was great to see where my meat actually comes from and what the animals eat.

Very informative, up close and personal

My 14 yr old son and I went on this approximately 3 hour tour and we enjoyed every minute of it! It was a small intimate group and the owner/tour guide went to great lengths to answer all of our questions with complete transparency. My son’s favorite part was watching the cattle dog round up the herd and then watching them eat a few feet away! Loved it, we highly recommend!