Where can I buy 5 Bar Beef?
At various Farmer’s Markets and online through our Ranch Shop.

I want a special cut or an item not available on The Ranch Shop:

We can get you almost anything on a cow, from a pound of liver to a standing rib roasts.  Please send us an email shop@5barbeef.com or give us a call (714) 749-5717 and we would be happy to arrange a special order for you. 

If I buy online, how does shipping work?

Home Delivery: $35

Orders are packed and shipped on Thursdays via temperature-controlled GLS. All orders received by midnight the night before will be included in the Thursday shipping. Even though we replenish our inventory for products on a regular basis, our online assortment may not be an accurate representation of all that we have in stock.

Do you sell primal cuts or larger quantities?
Yes! Please contact us directly if you have a custom order. Note that custom cuts may require longer lead-time, so please plan ahead.

How is 5 Bar Grass Fed Beef Different?
Our herd of cattle is 100% pasture raised and grass-fed. They are never confined to a feedlot or fed any grain. Our herd of cattle lives on 800 acres of pasture in Orange County, the way nature intended. No man-made chemicals are ever given or used. They are free to graze in this low stress environment where they breed and calf on their own. We practice holistic planned grazing, a form of regenerative agriculture which replenishes healthy soil & the environment. Our meat is a healthy and natural dark red and rich in beef flavor!

What are the health benefits of 5 Bar Grass-fed and pasture raised Beef

  • Leaner, less saturated fat and higher protein content than conventional grain fed meat
  • Higher healthy Omega-3 to Omega-6 fat ratio
  • High in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • Higher levels of minerals and vitamins such as iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin E, beta carotene, as well as other antioxidants

How are 5 Bar Beef cattle processed?

5 Bar Beef uses the most humane animal practices available to us. Our packaged meat is cut and prepared in USDA-inspected and approved facilities. Whole and Half-Cow live weight purchases are harvested directly on the ranch under our supervision to ensure the animal suffers as little stress as possible. We choose to harvest only a small number of cattle at one time for the least amount of stress to the animal as possible.

Why is beef aged?
We age our beef for 30 days to allow the naturally occurring enzymes to tenderize the meat and provide rich flavor and texture.

Why is our meat frozen?
Because we are a very small family operation, our beef is not (and cannot be) mass-produced like the kind sold in a conventional grocery store. To make sure all cuts on a cow are available to our customers, the meat is vacuum packed and flash frozen to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. This preserves the taste and freshness without compromising overall quality of our product.

How do I thaw the meat?
Frozen meat should be thawed in the original package overnight in the refrigerator. To thaw meat more quickly, the sealed package of meat can be placed in cool water for a couple of hours. Never use hot water or a microwave; this will cook the meat.

How do I cook grass-fed, pastured beef?
Our meat is naturally very lean and thus higher in protein and lower in saturated fat than conventional grain fed meat. It requires some more time and care, but the results are well worth it. We suggest low and slow! Don’t sear our meat. Searing will open the pores and all of the moisture will run out and evaporate. Our meat is best served rare to medium rare.

How can I contact 5 Bar Beef?
Please email or telephone us with other questions you may have. Email Shop@5BarBeef.com or call (714) 749-5717

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