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John Ridgeway
Amazing Beef

Top quality product from this ranch. I highly recommend and will be coming back next year for another 1/2 cow order!

Eric D.
Best beef money can buy...

This is the 2nd year in a row we purchased a 1/2 cow for our family of 6. We love the taste of the meat and feel much better knowing we are eating the best meat money can buy. In fact, when we go out to eat occasionally and eat regular grain fed steaks from a restaurant we feel sick afterward and realize its not worth it. If anyone is hesitant, I can assure you it is a different taste in a good way that actually makes you feel more wholesome and healthier. Frank is great and we will only be buying his grass fed/finished beef from here on out.

Matt R Milner
Half cow purchase

Amazing quality for a reasonable price! 5barbeef is an exceptional quality ranch! I would recommend them and will purchase from them again in the future.
Thanks Frank!

John Godzina

Whole/Half Cow Deposit, December 2023

Great 👍 1st half cow purchase! Thanks Frank!

I really shouldn't be sharing this with the world because Frank only raises enough cows to go to a very limited number of people. But he is a true and genuine rancher who does it right from start to finish. The flavor of 5 Bar beef 🍖 is better than another top rated grass fed and finished ranch that we purchased a whole cow from prior to trying the beef here. So, while it's a bit more expensive, we are going to get our beef here for now. I think a whole cow this time. Also, the butcher Frank uses is more flexible on the types of cuts you can customize to your own liking as well.